Too Hot For CNN?

Who needs aliens to probe us anymore?

The comment below is “awaiting moderation” on a CNN website out there somewhere.  In the meantime:

Last time all the powers that be got together to lie with such attempted uniformity was on the subject of Iraq WMD’s. Such is the case with Edward Snowden, a guy every political hack and media shill is trying to frame as a villain of epic proportion to the “interests” of Americans, specially those whose interests include covering up warcrimes, inciting unrest in foreign lands and overt lying to the voting public on an ongoing basis.

You can either believe your own lying eyes when you see and hear Edward Snowden give his heartfelt explanations (just like Bradley Manning btw) for why he did what he did or you can believe the media hype. FWIW, He’s not threatened to bomb anyone. He’s not stolen your identity or emptied the bank accounts of Halliburton into the United Negro College Fund. He’s not trying to blackmail Lindsay Graham by taunting him with a potential sale of his browser history to an eager audience at Gawker. Like Manning, he’s a pretty intelligent young man educated in an era when torture was still a war crime and the surveillance state was viewed as a fast road to a totalitarian dystopia. Something to be avoided AT ALL COSTS.

Both Manning and Snowden took oaths sometime in their lives swearing to defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic. They were trained as kids that torture and domestic spying were communist activities. Please refrain from berating me for supporting the best of our nation’s youth when they grow up and hold so strongly to the values most of us were raised with they’re willing to risk their lives and personal freedom in the process.

That’s exactly what I want them to do. I just hope we can get them safely back into a demilitarized America someday. I’d like to see bronze statues of both of them bookending the Lincoln Memorial.



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