I just read that the word HASHTAG was named “2012 word of the year” on one of those trendy ad-filled websites. My earlier focus on the word as the basis of an entire web post is yet another example of how prescient and tuned into the entire cultural millieu I have managed to cling to, even while spending half my time beating back the ravages of old age. Enjoy.

The Tim Channel

There is going to be a lot of talk about hash in this post, but before you cue up the Bob Marley playlist and pull out the hooka, or start to get yourself in a scattered, smothered, and covered mood, please note that all the “hash” involved in this post wear tags and are completely safe and legal in all jurisdictions, not to mention being totally fat free. The lowly hashtag has finally arrived. #hashtag

Hashtags Explained

Adding a # symbol before a word or phrase automatically turns it into a searchable hashtag.  It is really that simple.  #thatsimple  I try to use a unique and consistent tagging system throughout my internet wanderings.  No matter what photo service I may be using at the time, be it Instagram, Flickr, or Facebook, I always tag my photos #timages.    I sometimes use #timplates when posting food related content and #timlife…

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