Homegrown Drone

Francis Fukuyama wrote about the off-the-shelf technology available in February 2012 when he said this:

It is extremely easy to build a drone now that can do not just surveillance but can carry rather large payloads.  If you want to see how large some of these planes get, check out this video of a model Airbus A380.

I suppose you could watch the video of the Airbus for inspiration and then go back to the article that Fukuyama wrote for a parts lists and directions.  Maybe that’s where Hamas got the idea?  From Scott Adams (Dilbert):

Hamas has its own drone production facility, or did, until Israel found it. One presumes Hamas will build more. How long will it be before Israel is facing suicide drones that only cost its enemies $100 apiece, fit in the trunk of a car, and can guide themselves to within 20 feet of any target? I’d say five years.

Five years?  Are you serious?  The Iranians are expected to be able to gear up for a nuclear bomb by the weekend whenever it suits the powers that be, but Scott Adams, (commenting on a contemporary story of a disrupted production facility) thinks it will be FIVE years before the hoi polloi are using this tech routinely.  Shorter, much, much shorter.

Probably get so bad in the near future that you will have to give a DNA sample to buy any device that has a GPS chip in it.  Gonna make getting a new cell phone more like a trip to the doctor’s office.  You might want to hang on to that “old” iPhone 4 for awhile.


3 thoughts on “Homegrown Drone

  1. The problem is, none of this is new. You could have built a serviceable drone years ago, R/C technology has been around for many, many years that would let you put a flying bomb in the sky, the only problem, then and now, has been the range of the transmitter. R/C transmitters in the 72 mHz band are very short range, you’re lucky if they last a half mile at the outside before your expensive plane takes a header into the concrete. However, you are right that as GPS has gotten more prevalent, it shouldn’t be difficult to wire a cheap smart phone or GPS chip into a plane’s controls and have a mini guided missile with pre-programmed coordinates, assuming it flies high enough and is loaded down with enough fuel to get where it’s supposed to go (another problem since most R/C aircraft have very limited ranges, fuel is heavy and engines, even the true turbines that have been on the market for about 10 years now.

      • My point was that we can do it now, we could do it a couple of years ago. You can walk into any well-stocked R/C store and come out with the parts to make a serviceable drone today. You just have to have the ability to create some of the custom parts, but the pieces are certainly available today. No need to wait 5 years or even 1 year, the future is here right now.

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