2 thoughts on “Walmarts Fiasco in Germany

  1. Good for Germany, Its about time somebody let Wally-World know how they feel. Americans are too lazy and stupid (GREEDY) to see the overall picture most of the time.
    Slave labor hurts everyone, not just the poor. Of course the 1% do OK.

  2. Another factor for walmarts failure and perhaps the biggest. The government gave them a huge hassle at the port. Walmarts goods were held at the ports and they were intentionally forced to negotiate a minefield of bureaucracy to get their goods. If you ever came to a Walmart here, the shelves were generally empty.

    I know a port worker who said it was intentional.

    It certainly wasn’t the friendly service and greeting. This was an excuse. Ask any German and they will agree that the service in German stores is abysmal, hostile and they don’t like it.

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