Recapping Atheism Plus

Planet of the #fapes

The Atheism Plus contingent, aka American Girlyban, aka FTBullies are at it again.  Not content with bashing only the largest names in the movement like Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss, they have now moved to male members of the skeptic community of somewhat lesser stature.  I remember when they invited Thunderf00t into their community just long enough to scalp him.  Matt Dillahunty obviously did not.  In fairness, he was probably busy that day blocking me from his Twitter feed for trying to comment on the absurdity of the ongoing Girlyban assaults.  I vaguely remember seeing a video shot from below the dash of his car where he waxed poetic on the joys of this new atheism.   I quit wasting time listening to his Texas podcasts since he was such a big prick. see also: PZ Myers)

Since I don’t stalk people who ban or block me, he was off my radar until he popped back up the other day on his own accord.  How did that work out for you Matt?  PLUS ONE to the list.  Ha Ha.  I TOLD YOU SO.

I left the following comment over at this site.

I am with you 100 percent.  Your observations on PZ are identical to what I have witnessed, and I WAS a longtime follower/commenter at his site for at least a couple years before he went off the rails.

You are not alone.  The list of personal casualties is growing longer and longer every day, but the blow to the very core of group logic was delivered last year by Rebecca Watson, with her ridiculous elevator guy screeds and rationalizations.  I was quick to come to the support of Richard Dawkins, when his cogent comments on the incident caused the “American Girlyban” contingent to attack him.  The attacks on rationalist males has now escalated to the point that they are shooting at their own MALE supporters.  It would be funny were it not for the damage to the people and movement that first embraced them.  I was not up to speed on Twitter when this first went down or I would have coined a shorter name than American Girlyban (though I do think it the best!!).  The hashtag winner was #ftbullies, and now #atheismplus, their self-selected handle, is taking hold.  Perhaps we could agree (to save precious character count), on a completely new hash tag that is even shorter?  Something that starts with AP and ends with ES would only take four characters, and be a nice aside to evolutionary biology.  After all, these freaks we are dealing with are most definitely a product of nature, every bit as much as the two headed calves we drop a quarter to glimpse at the State Fair sideshows.  #apes or #fapes (the f is for femininity as well as preventing possible backlash against a much more noble primate.)

Welcome to the new age era of “touchy-feely” atheism.  Finally, somebody has figured out a way to carve out a space where non-rational atheists can feel at home.

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2 thoughts on “Recapping Atheism Plus

  1. Thanks for an enjoyable read. Yes, the Atheism Plus fad was a rather unfortunate phenomenon, but more and more prominent members of the community – even on FTB – are beginning to distance themselves from it. Read ‘How I unwittingly infiltrated the boys’ club’ by Jen McCreight. This is where the fad was born. In the comment section, they were more interested in what kind of a Logo to use than what Atheism Plus was actually going to stand/campaign/argue/fight for. Then came the usual FTB monkey-see-monkey do follow-up articles from McCreight’s co-bloggers, the idiotic reddit page, the Dillahunty debacle and the rest is history. An ill-conceived idea, dreamt up by people who never wanted any social change or justice and who would have been quite happy if everyone had simply agreed to see them as victims.

    • I think the Jen stuff predates my interest in the “movement” unless it came after elevatorgate. Before that, my impression of Watson was that of a female groupie to skepticism, though to be honest, at that time I thought she at least had a science degree or background, probably because PZ and her were so close. The attack on Dawkins set off the alarm bells for me.

      I have lately become more aware of this Jen. She is the one who ran away from the net because it got nasty with/to her. Earth to Jen? FFS? Really? I find that, in and of itself disturbing, but there is this parallel script about her being genuinely mentally disturbed in some fashion, making it a double dog dare ya, a bad thing to say anything untoward about her, even if it is true.

      She just popped back up on Twitter like yesterday. Has a story of shock and dismay involving a masturbatory homeless guy. No elevator or coffee were mentioned, but fresh from therapy, Jen is jumping right back into the shit, her mental funk obviously masking her internal ability to properly judge the double standard involved in requesting sensitivity to her mental state, while mocking those of some (likely veteran) homeless wanker.


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