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Nothing like reduced bandwidth to harsh the mellow of an otherwise happy day. Upgrades to the home router have resulted in a couple days without broadband internet, so I am forced to rely on what amounts to a high tech dial-up line (tethered iPhone to MacBook). I get unlimited bandwidth on my iPhone for about the first fifteen minutes every month until the telco throttles it back to a crawl painful enough to induce the average sucker to upgrade ($$).

Today’s Business:

I find myself having insights into things all the time that are unique (some say weird). When I get an idea that I think is particularly exciting, I bounce it off my wife. My wife is both my biggest supporter as well as my fiercest critic. Since I firmly believe that nearly every thought in my head is an inspiration of epic dimensions, it is good to have my wife to bounce my thoughts off of, since she is definitely not under the same allusion.

Providence has seen fit to favor me with what is potentially another million dollar idea-invention. I have had several over similar inspirations over the course of my life that I did not pursue, (or pursued with such incompetence that nothing ever came of them). The stories of my inventing the digital pinball machine (as well as a Sony Walkman a couple years before Sony) are somewhere out in the blogosphere. Maybe even buried in this blog somewhere? They are interesting in their own right, but are not the focus of today’s inspiration.

I bounced my latest insight off my wife and she is in agreement that there would be enough demand for my invention that we should follow up on it. To that end, I have begun the process of applying for a patent to protect my position. That is one gigantic cluster-muck of epic proportions on its own, but that is a story I will save for another day, (as well as the specifics of the invention itself).

Today I just wanted to make a few comments on the difficulties of people who are committed to the same goals, yet have somewhat different visions of how that goal should play itself out. This post was inspired by the discussions between me and my wife over the direction to go in regard to my latest innovation. We are of one mind as to the “product”. Our opinions diverge when it comes to marketing and developing said product. Since neither of us is an expert on the subject, there is no way to know which one of us has the best approach, which leads to some interesting and spirited discussions regarding same. I couldn’t help but thinking, right in the middle of one our more confrontational divides, how the scene must have played out many times before in the history of tech and tech development (my invention is “tech”). Though my idea is hardly on the level of an Apple or Microsoft, I couldn’t help but imagine Jobs and Woz bickering over similar issues in their garage as they developed their own tech product. Definitely a stress inducing part of the process, as my wife and I have strong opinions and are not averse to exchanging them. I need not imagine how stressful the process could be if the collaborator is someone other than your spouse.

When the time is right, I will make a formal public unveiling of my evolutionary device here on this blog. Until then, I will update my readers with whatever relevant info I find worthy of sharing.


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