See Me Spotify


Song posted above is currently a top hit here in Germany. A larger sampling of my real-time musical interests is available at my Spotify music blog, See Spotify Run.

If the rest of the world is digging on Spotify even half as much as me, it portends great things for their future. I am busy stress testing the Spotify service. I’ve got their desktop program installed on my MacBook Air and their iOS portable app on my iPhone and iTouch. Right now, I am chewing through their free trial period faster than a fat kid at a cake buffet, and therefore may lose some of the functionality (offline playing?) when it expires.

As it stands right now, I would pawn whatever is left of my left nut to get the funds to keep the Spotify premium service going (assuming I can wrestle it out of the confines of my wife’s purse, where it currently resides).


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