Republican Pawn Stars

Here is a tip for all of you that will help you understand the Republican plans for gutting our social security and healthcare system through the use of their “voucher” programs.  The best example I can think of for explaining their motives draws on the increasing proliferation of “pawnshop reality programming”, which is apparently a huge hit with the low information sector of the American body politic.

Like many desperate out-of-luck gamblers (laid off workers), the Republican Pawn Stars are tempting the hungry populace with what amounts to a gift certificate for a Chick-Fil-A sandwich in exchange for the worthless old antiques (life,liberty..) meticulously collected and preserved by their ancestors.

The only thing missing from the Republican Pawn Star vocabulary is the excited exhalation of an eager pawn broker, who encourages many a desperate client into a bad deal with the appeal of “CASH MONEY-HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS!“.

Walk away. You can get a better deal on E-bay.  Remember, the devil never offers you a fair deal when attempting to buy your soul, and the Republicans are as close to the devil incarnate as you are ever likely to see.


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