James O’Keefe Lawsuit: Ex-ACORN Employee Can Sue Over Activist’s Sting Video, Federal Judge Says

Democrats need only incarcerate the vast legions of Republican war criminals before the November election to offset the advantages the Republicans are trying to gain through voter intimidation and poll rigging. There are at least 100 certified top level miscreants yet to feel justice for every case of certified voter fraud.

Are you aware that it got so bad that Bush authorized the torture of toddlers testicles in Iraq. He was torturing the kids in front of their parents in his Quixotic delusions over the available of WMD’s THAT DIDN’T EVEN EXIST!! John Yoo gave him the “legal” authority. It is all on tape. Cheney went on Sunday TV after they got nailed for torture and fucking BRAGGED about it!!

I will never forget what some of you pretended never to see.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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