The Headless Beast

Romney is sticking to the lie that he had nothing to do with Bain Capital management after 1999.  Simple question for the press.  Who was managing Bain Capital after 1999?  It is called journalism.  I don’t get paid to do it which probably explains why I am so much better at it than the pros.


2 thoughts on “The Headless Beast

  1. It would be much easier to believe Romney if he had not lied about his Bain Capital relationship in the first place; Yes I lied about leaving in 1999, but I’m telling you the truth now.

  2. I wonder why the Mormons were so eager to tie their religion to the dying corpse of a failed party in the first place. Romney had nothing to offer the whack job wing of Republicans and much to lose in trying. There is also something robotic about Romney that freaks people out. I have heard him referred to as inciting the “uncanny valley” effect on people, and if you see enough of him you can understand why. The guy is a creepy automaton. The party he fronts for is a bunch of greedy corporate thugs and war hungry wackos. His religion demonizes coffee and Coke. A shot of single malt scotch and a cigar? Those are fast tickets to hell my friends. Enjoy.

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