E-cat Schematics Leaked to Public

Image of E-cat drawing exposing the inner workings of controversial LENR reactor. Meanwhile, Andrea Rossi threatens to sue “the snakes and puppeteers” who leaked document.

Huge and important BREAKING NEWS on the E-cat scene!  For those of you who trawl the nets, Twitter and Google, trying to keep abreast of the most important discovery of our era, this is something you won’t want to miss.

The E-cat is finally out-of-the-bag so to speak.   In the artist rendering above, the heretofore top-secret “special sauces” that power the inner workings of Rossi’s mystery E-cat are finally available for official third-party independent analysis.  Andrea Rossi won’t be happy, but with a breakthrough so extreme, normal business motivations and morality must be set aside in lieu of their relative unimportance in comparison to the benefits available to mankind.  I am not applauding the illegal release of Rossi’s top secret corporate designs, but in my heart, I am pretty sure it is what Jesus would do.

I won’t pretend to be smart enough to make heads or tails out of such sophisticated engineering drawings as those recently exposed.  That is something that only “experts” in the areas of Cold Fusion, LENR, and alien abduction research can intelligently sort out..

Given the proof of concept drawings exposed above, breathless Ecat supporters (and the shills who love them) won’t have to rely solely on manufactured interviews and rehashing last years astroturfed headlines as if they had any relevance to the things we know today.

I am offering solid evidence any of you can link back to when you need to ground your Ecat arguments on solid evidence instead of the usual astroturf Ecat shill sites and their flimsy recycled interviews.  Think of how this will free up your time.  Just link back to me and leave all those other Ecat LENR bookmarks behind.

Track ALL YOUR ECAT news right here folks.  Totally free as always, but still, think of all you’ll be saved from:

You won’t have to pretend not to notice that the “interview” you are reading is nothing but a continuation of the never ending hype that astoturfing ECAT enthusiasts and free energy market manipulators churn out like plastic golf tees.

You won’t be forced to continue to ignore that at the very basic level of real LENR science, the HONEST DEBATE is whether these mystery reactions produce more heat than a flea fart, and not about hyped (2012) production of giant flea fart heat acquisition and dispersion units.

You will not be forced to engage in NOT speculating on the many apparent contradictions and exposed lies coming out of the Rossi, Defkalion based propaganda machine.

You will not be banned for identifying “bullshit” based solely on smell, texture and look, even if you haven’t actually confirmed your suspicions by tasting it.


25 thoughts on “E-cat Schematics Leaked to Public

    • Any single thing I said was more honest than anything Rossi or the E-cat scammers ever said. Just doing my civic duty to inform the public on outright and obvious frauds. I blame my Boy Scout upbringing for my concerns towards less fortunate creatures. Enjoy.

      • Pretty lame. You resort to mockery because you don’t have any better argument. If you’re convinced it’s a fraud, then why are you even wasting your time on it?

      • Mockery is all there is left when discussing Ecat issue. It deserves mockery. I have plenty of time and will invest it according to my desires, but thanks for the concern trolling nonetheless. Enjoy.

  1. thanks for bringing the proof that everybody was waiting for, your words are real indipendently proven science, now there is no reasonable doubt that your conclusions are true…and what about your fine irony, a piece of journalistic art…my unpassionate suggestion to you: go learn to respect people and be prudent or you may find somebody that beats your ass sooner or later. That’s all I want to say to you

    • So you agree that the Ecat is total bunk, but you are somehow critical of the way I am presenting the evidence thereof? Am I to supposed to feel threatened for exposing criminals? Am I now on the radar of the Greek Mob? At the end of the day I refuse to apologize to, or be kowtowed by, the criminals and their scummy scammer spawn. Enjoy.

  2. Surprisingly well written by someone who most likely does not read. It was funny, but anybody doubting LENR is obviously in need of furthering/upgrading their education to keep current.

    This was a clever cartoon attack on Andrea Rossi. I suppose the logical follow up would be to poke fun at: NASA, MIT, Mitsubishi, Toyota, George Miley, and many others who are also saying they have achieved power with LENR. Maybe you could use the same picture.

    I’d be careful however as you risk looking like a moron in these attempts.

    • It wouldn’t have been complete without your good dose of affinity scamming thrown in for good measure. None of those people have any connection to the Rossi ecat, but thanks for playing. Enjoy.

  3. It’s good to see that you take the time to show your feelings about e-cat, but from what i can see you dont have anything to show that LENR is a scam unlike all the scientists that can show that it works. Maybe you should check your sources. The fire has started, LENR cant be stoped anymore.

    • I doubt you are as cluelessly ignorant as your comment suggests, but if you are unaware of the ACTUAL science being done in the LENR field, you would be aware that my flea fart heat analogy is spot on. You can continue to genuflect to the conman Rossi, or continue to perpetuate fraud on his-your behalf. I will continue to throw facts in your way. At some point the proper authorities will step in and do the job for me. I will be glad to provide them all the information I have accumulated on the perpetrators. Enjoy.

      • If u have good evidence that LENR is a lie, come clean with it. There are hundreds of scientific publications on the area of LENR. If you published any papers that show its a scam, please post it here and i will gladly stand next to you to fight the scam. Untill then i will stick to what i read in scientific journals. And frankly, some random guy on the internet saying something is wrong and posts a picture my little brother could have made up isnt convincing anyone.

      • The story of the Rossi fraud is all over the net my friend. Those who still support it in deference to the obvious are easily identifiable as fools or frauds. Lie on top of lie by a convicted con man. You work with him? Enjoy.

      • You do know that Rossi is only one of many involved in LENR? E-cat is what Rossi calls his machine and his machine might be a lie, even if it is, both NASA and MIT now aproves of LENR as a working phenomena.

      • You do know that, Rossi and his Defkalion accomplices are the only LENR people ON THE PLANET who are making the kind of bogus claim to commercialization. Now, everybody else will know. Thanks for pointing out that common Rossi “dodge”. Thanks for playing Rossi Shill Bingo. Enjoy.

  4. You would be doing a better “civic duty” if you held your fire against Rossi until you have somed proof of wrongdoing. You have none. You are merely a person who likes things the way they are. Rossi may or may not be on the level, but you are definitely no boy scout.

    • Rossi is a convicted con man with a history of past fraud. I like honesty, not hype. You are either a shill or hopium addict. For the record, I held off on saying anything until Rossi made it ridiculously obvious he was noting but a serial liar. Enjoy.

  5. “proven physics” according to respected mathematicians and astronomers, somehow fails to account for 95% of the Universe’s matter and energy. While Rossi has a checkered past trying to make money while recycling materials, claiming that LENR is a scam because it doesn’t fit within current theory is simply a sophomoric position. The current state of physics and mathematics uses fudge factors of approximately 70% for missing matter and 25% for energy outside of our understanding within the mathematical models as it tries to explain the current patterns in the universe. Never mind that Newtonian mathematics fall apart at the atomic scale where LENR is apparently occurring.
    I’d suggest you close this ‘site’ down before you further embarass yourself by exposing how little you actually have a grasp of.

    • Reduced to dragging out THAT old canard? Because we don’t know everything, anything is possible, even the grandly bogus and highly fanciful claims of a weasel-eyed conman selling snake oil magic? The “fudge factor” isn’t nearly enough to account for the difference between actual observation of Rossi’s invention of NOTHING, combined with his ongoing production of NOTHING, bolstered only by idiotic shills confusing actual science and gullible fools “wishing to believe” (either in the tech, or the get rich quick scheme). Never mind how obvious your freshman misunderstandings about physics and science come across. It is the best you can do when you are trying to start a fire using flea farts. For those gullible enough to buy into your Rossi-Defkalion E-cat fantasies, any logical fallacy will do. Enjoy.

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  7. If Rossi had anything we would all be enjoying it by now.

    What IF Rossi HAD sold one of his highly secret
    Ecats (remember he does not want ANYONE to learn his SECRETS!)
    To a SECRET NAVY Government Agency?
    Who would naturally DISCOVER his SECRET Thus
    Rendering his SECRET
    “What if” seems to be the mainstay of all these sycophantic “Rossi supporters”
    You nailed it with hopoium!
    “What if” seems to be the cry of the misinformed!
    See you are not supposed to be negative about Rossi just because he has never “proven”
    ANY of his claims (No Scientist says without a doubt it works) BECAUSE
    “What if”! What if it works and someone stops it by neative comments!
    What truly childlike stupidity these Rossi SCAM supporters have!

    • If Rossi truly had a device that works as he says it would have been tested and validated long ago.
      He has not submitted it for testing to any credible lab and has not published
      any detailed results to anybody.
      the likelihood that he has such a device is pretty much zero.
      No such device has been sold to ANY verified real customer.
      I see nothing but a guy in Florida named Rossi who makes blog entries about
      a device HE says exists!
      For this scam to work NO device (Ecat) can ever be sold or produced
      for testing!
      This type of SCAM was invented by a guy named John Worrel Keely
      look at the link!
      After you look up the link tell me how this differs from Rossi!

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