Gasbaggers of The American Girlyban

Another icon of the skeptic movement has voiced his concerns about the negative influence the American Girlyban’s bogus feminist media-whoring is having on the skeptic mission.

Commenters on FTB are now blocked and screened with the fervor of creationist AstroTurf sites if they don’t show proper deference to Jeebus whiny Girlyban Gasbaggers, so I was a little taken aback when I read/saw Thunderf00t being invited to join the FreeThoughtBlog community.

In his introductory video (announcing his entry into the FTB community) he thoroughly eviscerates the Girlyban Gasbaggers, thereby setting himself up for the wrath of both Skepchick and arguably worse, the most prominent of the FTB bloggers, PZ Myers.

The Gasbaggers are guaranteed to be at full-out screaming wench mode very shortly. It was easy enough for them to shout me down, but a guy like Thunderf00t, who not only has first hand experience attending (headlining?) skeptic events, but also a heavily trafficked Yourube channel, so he might be a bigger challenge, specially now that he has officially been added to FTB.

It remains to be seen whether he can survive the storm of Girlyban Gasbagger backlash his auspicious introduction has unleashed, or if he will be forced to repent and genuflect before the Crown (PZ Myers-Rebecca Watson).

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