Heavily Guarded Secrets

In an effort to save Christians the expensive prospect of auditing sessions at the Scientology Center secondary education at Jeebus College, here’s the inside scoop on the unspoken scam concerning the nature of the “evidence” of the golden plates Jeebus, so you won’t be totally clueless on the real origins of Xenu Jeebus even if you don’t have the time, inclination or insanity to spend money on “advanced religious studies”.

Here are powerful first person testimonies from former preachers who didn’t have access to the kind of info available today.  Information is poison to religion.


And not to be missed, Mr. Jerry DeWitt.  If you haven’t seen what happens when a former speaking-in-tongues, holy ghost lovin’ Pentacostal pastor finally figures out the religion scam, then you are in for a real treat.  Mr. DeWitt just recently left the pulpit, and his mannerisms and phrases are still those of a man who spent his life publicly performing for Jeebus, but his message is exactly opposite.  I nominate him as the Atheist Preacher Laureate of modern secularism.  LOL.

Help expose Christiantology.  Think of all the time and money this single post could save the world if all the people that could really use the info were exposed to it.  Each one teach one.


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