Operation Moped

Will be live blogging throughout today as much as cell bandwidth allows. Follow at my moped blog

Odds and ends from yesterday.  I did make it to Rheine, but unfortunately it was exactly at closing (6 pm) by the time I rolled into the zoo, so I missed my monkeys!!  Before I left, II had to modify the USB outlet I added to my moped (doesn’t everybody have USB outlets on their bikes-mopeds? lol).  I needed to extend it so I could keep my Iphone navigation on (and at full brightness).  It took me a bit more time to route and tie-down the extension than I thought it would, and it took me a bit longer to make the trip than I figured.  Seventy percent of the trip was on paved bike paths.  Twenty percent was freeway-highway shoulders and ten percent was woodland trail.  Pretty eclectic mix of road surfaces!  Absolutely breathtaking scenery the whole trip.



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