Gonzo Survivor Recap

Blue eyes crying in the rain, aka “What’s a girl gotta do to get her some?” (heat) edition. It sucks to be cold in the rain and the girls are as cold, shriveled and useless as C-boy’s nuts at at Arctic Playboy porno shoot.

After much ado with the pitiful state of affairs vis-a-vis their complete suck-age from day one, you know the scene is being set for something good to happen for the women My Nostradamus-like prediction of toenail painting challenges hasn’t yet come to pass, but in place of actual physical challenges this week (once we learned the girls can’t even balance…) the producers had to reach even deeper in the bag of lightweight challenges to find a ringer for the girls. Mission freaking accomplished to the Survivor producers! These boys are as brain dead as they are muscle bound! Couple more puzzle challenges and the soup-for-brains gang would be in serious trouble.

Skip to reward challenge. Memory test/copy item arrangement. If the guys scored a point I forgot about it as the girls thrashing of them was so profound. I think the girls were awarded a canoe, which none of them ever figured out could be used out of water upside down as a nice shelter against the rain….what with it being WATERPROOF and all…..

Skip to immunity challenge. Blindfolded wanderings with a puzzle finish. The guys looked genuinely puzzled when they saw their huge lead disappear. Win number two for the women.

Next, skip to Tribal Council to see the equally puzzled look of the smug tribal bully as he gets bested by the behind-the-scenes manipulations of lowly C-boy, who used the threat of the Immunity Idol at TC, without actually having to part with it. I love the end of show cameo by the LOSER when he posits his demise as a result of the fear of his gameplay and not as a result of being a big douche. Priceless self delusion.


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