Killing The E-Cat

Another day in the never-ending E-cat charade. Since my last post, Defkalion is asserted (by the same set of shady sources) to have “tested” their “new and improved” E-cat. One is left to speculate on the ease of improving upon a fantasy device, but let’s play along anyway.

The obvious question is, “How did the tests go?”. According to (always unverifiable-duh) reports, the Defkalion tests were SAFETY tests and not meant to prove/test output power or efficiency. I am quite sure the big pile of junk they are trying to pass off as a fusion device is safe unless it falls on you (or you stub your toe on the unit by accident). So from where I am sitting, it looks to be just another in the long line of ECat stalling techniques, sure to keep the hopeless rubes excited but never really addressing whether the fantasy device actually functions.

Hold the presses. Looks like the initial reports on tests for safety are now being rewritten (because how do you test the safety of a non functional product!?). Here is the bit of PR fluff designed to patch over the earlier safety announcement test:

Mr. Lewan is reporting the test was conducted on February 24th and that it was not focused on safety because the product is not ready yet for such tests.

I love this next bit of misdirection:

To complicate things, the tests are being performed on bare reactors without cooling – the same reactors that are part of the Defkalion heating product called Hyperion.

“To complicate things…”, as if that wasn’t part of the entire E-cat ruse…LOL. I have to admit it is hard to add sarcasm to such blatant bogusness, specially the part about running the “reactor” without coolant. I guess this was the China Syndrome simulation? So we are left with news of an E-cat test that measured absolutely NOTHING. That is a smashing success in the world of ECat circle jerkers.

To engender even more respectability (not) into the mix, Defkalion has reportedly shut down their company blog forum. Of course it is too much trouble managing a (scam) forum when you have the real work of fooling people to contend with. To add even more “respectability” to the effort, Defkalion tosses in “throw away” info on the ever-present (and always mute) mysterious government officials on hand to witness their “tests”.

As to my poll on why the tests would fail? I didn’t see the “safety test” misdirection coming, but isn’t it telling that we’re suppose to worry about the safety of a device that hasn’t yet even been shown to function?! I expect the next “test” will be on the durability of the E-cat (the paint on the exterior of the unit but not the unit itself). Anything to keep from having to prove the dam thing actually works.

For grins and chuckles, I offer the following “news” taken from the myriad E-cat blogs. Suffice to say that the comments section of many of these latter day MySpace Ecat blogs is even more incredulous:

The Greek government has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in the test, but it is most probably informed. (my emphasis)

No specific details or results have been released. For the Greek government’s position they neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in the test, but it most probably took place. (my emphasis)


25 thoughts on “Killing The E-Cat

  1. come on guys give it up this the end
    my friend the end
    its over
    the DGT/Rossi Ecat thing is entering scam Zero
    Just investors and NEXT WEEK, NEXT MONTH, NEXT YEAR
    I will produce a product!

    • I could never be groggy enough to fall for the nonsense passing as “news” on the E-cat hopium blogs, but my state of consciousness is hardly relevant to the inability of either Rossi or Defkalion to make good on their myriad, never-ending, E-cat circle jerk claims. If character attacks are considered fair game then I guess it’s necessary for me to remind my readers of Rossi’s previous conviction running a high-tech fraud in the past. Or maybe his receiving of a mail order diploma from a diploma mill subsequently shut down by the Feds?

    • There is no other sensible conclusion one could form regarding this insanity If you still think this is real then you are either a paid shill or the dimmest bulb in thee bunch.

      • Hmmm, you’re really not well informed

        I will list you the board members of Defkalion, and please find me a convicted scammer:

        George Sortikos, born 1942 – Chairman
        Engineer. Ex banker and industrialist (high tech ceramics). Ex president of the state owned Greek Industrial Investment Bank (ETBA) in 80-90s and founder of Omega Bank.(90s)

        George Xanthoulis, born in 1987 – Deputy Chairman,

        Aurel David, born in 1969 – CEO
        Swiss, Banker with vast experience in project finance and logistics. Ex president of a Montenegro Bank.

        Alexandros Xanthoulis, born 1954 – Board member, representative of Praxen
        Macro-Economics, Greek-Canadian. Former EU officer, Head for Energy and Financial Reconstruction EU delegation in Central Asia (90s).

        Christos Stremmenos, born 1932 – Board Member
        Chemical Engineer. Professor (retired) in the University of Bologna, ex Ambassador of Greece in Italy

        Ioannis Chatzichristos, born 1958 – Board Member
        Mathematics/Systems theory, vast experience in software development, management and IT project management.

        Andreas Meidanis, born 1953 – Board Member

        Mouafak Saouachni, born 1961 – Board Member
        Medical doctor, Greek-Israeli, responsible in labour health and environmental safety

        Andreas Drougas, born 1945 – Board Member
        Mathematics/IT, ex-executive consultant in LARCO (Greek Nickel mining co, now state owned), vast experience in management consulting and IT

        Also the made this statement, and the greek goverment didn’t deny their involvement:

        Tests with the presence of high level Government officials have been concluded. Opinions and results were very positive.
        Announcements will be made upon mutual agreements, at a time yet to be defined.
        Tests continue with international Authorities in the coming weeks.

        I really can’t see the scam, enlight my bulb my friend 🙂

      • Impressive list of people I have never heard of. You should have seen the list of high profile execs at Worldcom, Enron, etc. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. There is none.

  2. Stanny, if I were you I’d have left Stremmenos off the list. He broke with Defskamion in October, an event which is reported by commentator Hank Mills in PESNetwork in these terms: “Stremmenos … accuses them of lying, making false accusations, and being afflicted with the mental pathology of megalomania. Being so close to the company, Stremmenos’s statements are particularly alarming. Coming from anyone else, the statements would be less concerning. But if anyone should know what Defkalion has been up to and their internal affairs, it is him.”

  3. I understand why you hide your name!! 🙂

    Cause how stupid you will look in just a couple of month. Intrested in a bet? if you are so sure why not out money where your moth is? Ive allready arranged with a London law firm and you double your money if the ecat doesnt deliver more than twice the energy than its consumes. intrested? you can bet up 5.000 -100.000£.

    intrested in details… you have my e mail The bets are manged and secured on client account with the law firm.

    • Cry me a river when you finally pull your head out of the sand. I am definitely not interested in any type of business arrangement with someone as naive as you. It goes against my nature to take afvantage of those with less mental capacity than providence saw fit to bestow upon me. That is obviously not a character trait common to the ECat scammers. If a working ECat ever appears you can be sure that my early negative analysis won’t be worth a hill of beans. In such an unlikely event, you will receive my public apology along with a check in the amount of my first year energy savings made out to a charity of your choice.

  4. If anyone has any question about any evidence for or against Rossi’s claim, it is thoroughly covered in a detailed and scientific manner @ Krivit’s blog @ New Energy Times.

    Beyond that, the site covers who supports the claim and who does not and speculates why some researchers who know better might be supporting it. The Rossi story is just one saga in the soap opera world of LENR where the legitimate work has been stifled since 2004, when evidence first began to surface that would disprove cold fusion as the mechanism describing the nuclear effect often observed in LENR experiments.

  5. Another event occurred in ’04 that may have motivated the beginning of dishonest science by some of the leading American researchers. DOE decided to review LENR for possible funding. The four researchers called to represent the field were all proponents of fusion of deturium to helium as the explaination of the phenomenon. They did not report contrary theories or experimental evidence that disputed this theory. They did not get the funding.

    In 2010 while co-writing an encyclopedia about LENR, Krivit discovered that data from the only experiment that provided evidence of D to He theory, called M4 @ SRI, was changed in 2004 to more closely match the theory. Though Krivit gave many opportunities for a scientific explanation for these changes, no truthful answer has been given. The one explanation given by research leader, McKubre, turned out to be at least partially dishonest. He told Krivit that the data change information had been given to the sponsor EPRI, but when Krivit questioned EPRI no change data had been given to them.

    The M4 scientific fraud charge is just one of the many reports by Krivit at his online magazine and blog. I find it more fascinating than Rossi, which is what first led me to his website.

  6. gregsfc

    On 10 March a paper published by the admirable and indefatigable Steve Krivit blew the Rossi scam apart. See . Background: receiving a complaint, Florida state inspectors interviewed Rossi to ask if he had a factory making nuclear fusion machines. (This sort of activity is regulated and inspected in Florida.) Confronted by these officials, Rossi asserted that:

    There is no factory in The United States
    Nuclear fusion does not take place in the machines
    There are no such devices operating in the USA.

    Now, the question is this: is Rossi lying to the public, or to the State of Florida? Clue to the correct answer: if he’s lying to the Florida Radiation Board inspectors, he will go to jail. He’s been in jail already in his native Italy for gold smuggling, tax evasion, and illegal toxic waste disposal. He may not have enjoyed the experience.

      • Did a quick drive-by of your site. Good enough for me to put my stamp of approval on, but my concerns over LENR vis-a-vis Rossi and Defkalion’s (redundant?) participation is a bit different than yours, if just as nuanced.

        You are clearly not a “Dream Weaver” of the variety your share with your famous namesake. On the other hand, I have come to a rather unsupportable conclusion (unlike our shared and totally supportable conclusion on Rossi e.g.) that is slightly different than yours.

        Rossi involvement in this LENR stuff is ancillary at best. He is no Pons-Fleishman. He will never proffer any scientific paper (flawed or otherwise) for actual scientific analysis (as did PF) so he will never be able to “derail” proper LENR research one way or the other. Calling Rossi a fake is a no-brainer at this point. The only contemporary example (or at least the best one) I can compare Rossi to is that “Jeebus is coming next week” lunatic preacher who finally fell silent (stroked out), otherwise I am sure he would STILL be predicting Jeebus’ return on about an eighteen month (never-ending) cycle. That is just rube hustling. Same as Rossi. Rossi is a scam artist. Not a scientist. Now on to LENR.

        Let us presuppose that LENR is a real, if not fully understood “effect” of some natural process. I believe that is a HUGE presupposition at this point, but I am willing, for the sake of argument, to acquiesce to possibility the phenomena is real. That would be based on actual scientists that I think I can trust who are reporting on thermal anomalies they can BARELY register with the most sensitive calorimetry equipment known to man, but agonizingly difficult to predict or replicate. But again, let us suppose there is REAL excess heat coming from somewhere. What is the nature and amount of that heat? I would need an actual LENR researcher to back up my claim (I think they would) that the “excess” heat they think they are measuring is several orders of magnitude less than that of a flea fart, (which I am quite sure is well within the limits of testability given the advanced state of modern calorimetry).

        I am fairly certain about the heat generation potential of LENR (on the best of day at the highest levels) to be as stated above, so why not an open source project on capturing the waste heat of flea farts and using it to power the world? Ridiculous. Of course. Just as ridiculous as the idea that a POSSIBLY marginal excess heat generation through LENR will ever scale up to provide enough heat to keep a matchbox size small flea house warm enough the fleas keep farting.

        I have also used the very real, and easily testable “static electricity” argument in the same way. Static electricity is strong enough to overcome the effects of gravity (stick a balloon to the wall). It exists. And it exists at a level that also several orders of magnitude greater than even the largest claimed levels of wimpy LENR interactions (again, assuming they exist). Frankly, from the way some of these idiots are embracing Rossi and his bullsquat, I would be surprised if there isn’t some Rossi wannabe trying to scam people using the very static electricity demo I used to discredit (the amplitude) of LENR claimed output.

        I have no desire to impede basic funding on LENR (or the sex habits of fruit flies and not JUST because it pisses of Republicans). There is tremendous value in basic research. I wish you much success in your open source LENR venture. You won’t have to compete with me, because I will not be looking for funding for my most excellent flea fart heat concentration unit, even though it is much easier to scientifically support than LENR.


  7. Yes indeedee!
    Ecat is BOLLOCKS
    Hyperion is BOLLOCKS
    Rossi is a convicted criminal and can’t even afford a decent toupee or a dome polish.
    As for the wankers who believe in all this stuff……words fail me…
    BOLLOCKS is all I can say!!

  8. Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a Gnome called Andrea.
    It was VERY cold in his grotto
    Ka-Ga-GaZUMBA he said…I think I will invent a KETTLE so that I can have a nice hot water bottle to take to bed with me (he was very short, bald and ugly so he could not get a nice warm floozy to warm his bed)

    Now, go to sleep children, you can have another nice story again tomorrow.
    Sweet dreams
    Tar Sands

    Posts: 24
    Joined: Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:57 am

    by johndoe » Thu May 17, 2012 1:14 pm

    One dark and windy night Andrea prepared a nice hot water bottle (using his newly invented KETTLE) and was settling in with a nice hot cup of cocoa and a copy of Bestiality for beginners.
    Under the door of his grotto he saw the outline of large hairy feet and heard a low snuffling snorting sound.
    “Who izza thera” he cried (in a heavy Italian accent)
    “Whatta you wanta?”…..
    “Who izza thera” he said again
    “You sounda like a troll a” he said

    “eet iz me Symeon Tsalikoglou ” the troll grunted
    “I come all de way from the land of Defkalion because I heard abouta your KETTLE”

    “You canta havita, it’s a my precious… PRECIOUS…….go awaya”

    Now go to sleep boys and girls
    You can hear more about the Gnome of Bologna tomorrow (but only if you are good)
    Tar Sands

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    Re: LENR, Rossi and the ECAT Thread pt 2 (merged)

    by Rune » Thu May 17, 2012 6:50 pm

    johndoe wrote:One dark and windy night Andrea prepared a nice hot water bottle

    You are just nothing but silliness. You’re a good example of the intellectual capacity of the doom crowd on this site. Have at it! It makes me look so much smarter by comparison.

    Heavy Crude

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    Re: LENR, Rossi and the ECAT Thread pt 2 (merged)

    by Quinny » Fri May 18, 2012 12:15 am

    Rune wrote:
    johndoe wrote:One dark and windy night Andrea prepared a nice hot water bottle

    You are just nothing but silliness. You’re a good example of the intellectual capacity of the doom crowd on this site. Have at it! It makes me look so much smarter by comparison.

    Not so sure about that.
    Live, Love, Learn, Leave Legacy…..oh and have a Laugh while you’re doing it!

    Light Sweet Crude

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    Re: LENR, Rossi and the ECAT Thread pt 2 (merged)

    by Rune » Fri May 18, 2012 1:54 am

    Quinny wrote:
    Rune wrote:
    johndoe wrote:One dark and windy night Andrea prepared a nice hot water bottle

    You are just nothing but silliness. You’re a good example of the intellectual capacity of the doom crowd on this site. Have at it! It makes me look so much smarter by comparison.

    Not so sure about that.

    Well, you wouldn’t be, would you.

    Heavy Crude

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    Re: LENR, Rossi and the ECAT Thread pt 2 (merged)

    by EnergyUnlimited » Fri May 18, 2012 6:55 am

    Alcassin wrote:
    Rune wrote:If you don’t like the thread, don’t click on it, dummy.

    We love the thread! We really love it, the more ridiculous it gets the more we feel attracted to it.

    It becomes to be an unique study of Carlhole’s intellectual collapse.


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    Re: LENR, Rossi and the ECAT Thread pt 2 (merged)

    by johndoe » Fri May 18, 2012 11:44 am

    Poor Symeon was very upset, he slunk away feeling all sad and dejected.
    (A troll’s life is not a happy one)
    However, a short while later he returned, and this time he brought a friend with him.
    Open up Andrea, I have come to make you a very generous offer for a loan of your teapot.

    Bugger off, I am a not a interested

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    If you don’t stop banking you will go blind.

    I don’t a care a go awaya

    But Andrea, he can give you GOLD!

    Golda? I like a gold a
    It izza my precious

    You come a in a.
    I put a the KETTLE on

    • Keef don’t you know Rossi’s spies are watching?
      Read this! Rossi is batshit crazy!

      Andrea Rossi
      March 27th, 2012 at 8:13 AM

      Dear Antonella:
      We know perfectly who some puppeteers are: our intelligence system is working together with the Law Firm we have engaged for this issue. We are collecting and analyzing every single phrase the Puppets, Snakes (and Clowns) are publishing in paper press and in Internet. We prefer not to sue puppets and puppeteers ( and Clowns) so far because we will be stronger when our working plants will be public: at that point we will give to the Court all the necessary evidence to win both on criminal and in civilistic fields this battle. For now we are just preparing all the necessary publications, comments, evidence, documents, addresses, etc, etc. I start the battles when I am sure to win. So far they had the sensation that our Group can be libelled for free: it is not so. All the proceeds that we will earn from these trials will be donated to families we have already selected that need money to cure the cancer of their children.
      If you are interested to this issue or have information for us, please contact
      Thank you for your kind attention,
      Warm Regards,

      • And yet I remain totally unconcerned. His fake ass threats mirror his fake ass technology. LENR is REAL people, and the top scientists have reportedly output EXCESS heat at about the level of a flea fart, therefore free energy for all. Also, I want my static electricity based free energy machine. Ooops. S-Cat is out of the bag. Rossi will likely switch directly to my idea JUST TO STEAL my thunder. Enjoy.

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