Defkalion Diddling

Guess the reason for the anticipated failure of Defkalion testing on their LENR reactor:


4 thoughts on “Defkalion Diddling

  1. I’m interested in sending Tim Fuller a personal message and inquiry based on some information he posted on a blog @ New Energy Times. The blogger is Steven B. Krivit. I’ve got some more information for him regarding the entire field of LENR, sometimes still called cold fusion, but I don’t know how to reach him other than to know he writes on this blog and is covering the E-CAT (Rossi/Defkalion) saga.

    If anyone knows how I can contact him via email, phone, or letter, please let me know.

    • Why not try leaving a message for him at his publisher Wiley? The contact email address is given as “Contact Jennifer Rella (jrella [at] for more information”.

      I have been following this Rossi / Defkalion saga too, with the greatest interest and fascination, and I wish you well in your undertaking to get more info about this into the public domain. There’s a book in this!

  2. Sorry, I should have said “Krivit’s publisher Wiley”. Krivit will presumably then be able to pass the message to Tim Fuller.

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