9-9-9 Plan?

One of the benefits of an oceans distance from the US is the peace it offers from the constant drumbeat of insane Republican rantings which I’ve no doubt are dominating the US media right now Nothing amuses a knuckle dragging Tea Party public like watching a bunch of monkeys sling shit at each other. debate public policy.

The current White Knight savior of the Republican presidential field is a Black guy who promises to use his vast pizza business experience to destroy the American economy in “thirty minutes or it’s free!”

Cain’s plan for trashing transforming the US economy is every bit as coherent and fleshed out as was the Bush “plans” on invading Iraq, which is just another way of saying it is something he either copied from a pizza commercial, pulled randomly out of his ass, or stole from the default settings in Sim City. I have heard it is being referred to as the 999 plan.

Since it is coming out of the mouth of a Republican, the details don’t really matter to me because you can’t trust Republicans in general, let alone the weirdo Black anomalies they embrace to fool the masses. Colin Powell, Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas provide sufficient examples of the kind of deception and political hooliganism we can expect from the Uncle Tom wing of the wing-nut party.

Unless this 9-9-9 plan calls for lining up the indifferent and exploitative right wing miscreants in rows of 9, giving them 9 seconds to make peace with Jeebus and then being dispatched with a 9mm it holds no promise of a better future for the vast 99%.


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