Case Closed

STOP THE PRESS.  I WAS WRONG!!  I CONSIDERED THE SOURCE OF THE RUMORS TO BE LYING BASED ON HIS PREVIOUS EXAMPLES THEREOF.  Makes the expression “Even a blind boar stumbles across an acorn in the woods every now and then.” even more relevant.

Here we go again folks.  The Anthony Weiner affair has been solved.   His account was apparently accessed by a fellow named Dan Wolfe.  The grizzly details are fully documented at the Cannonfire website linked below.  Danny has had it out for Weiner for some time now according to the reporting I’m seeing.

The important point is this: The anomaly in the header indicates that the image was not sent by Weiner. It had to have been sent by someone else.

Weiner is excluded. It is technically impossible for him to have sent the image.

If he had sent the image, a URL would have appeared below his name in the header. That is how Yfrog works. Try it yourself.

The URL goes missing only when an outsider inserts an image onto someone else’s Yfrog account.

In any event, this is typical of the kind of things we’ve come to expect from the Republicans.  I have avoided reading and watching most of the chatter on Weiner, because it was apparent by the level of rightwing pearl clutching that the whole thing was likely a Republican dirty trick.  The arc of the story matched what we’ve all come to expect from the rightwing noise machine.

The predictability of their criminality, combined with a reckless disregard for the truth has become the defacto standard by which they operate.   How do you know if a Republican is lying?  Just look to see if their lips are moving.


7 thoughts on “Case Closed

    • Yeah, it’s really kinda creepy the way they’re focusing on this.
      I think it turns voters off to the Republicans, so I hope they continue
      to flagellate themselves.

  1. Can we now, officially and permanently, ban Andrew Brietbart from cable news, newspaper coverage and Real Time? How many times does a fake journalist have to be caught in an outright fabrication before he loses all credibility? Even if he “discovers” that John Boehner is sending pictures of his boner to underage boys, he should not get one second of air time or one mention in a reputable newspaper.

    • It’s beyond ridiculous from where I’m sitting, and I’m not watching any US TV news. I’ve watched a few re-posted clips on the web. I’m distressed that I’m not seeing this guy DAN WOLFE examined in detail on the more prominent news outlets. Have I missed something? The continuing CONSPIRACY of the rightwing press to illegally DESTROY the US political system is ghastly. It’s also prima facie.

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