Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins discuss Who Says Science has Nothing to Say About Morality?

Good Stuff.

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4 thoughts on “Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins discuss Who Says Science has Nothing to Say About Morality?

  1. I suppose if you ignore all the WMD’s scientists are always coming up with you might be able to take their argument with a grain of salt. Most scientists have a warped sense of reality to begin as is evident in their ‘we do not need God’ when we have science argument. Just the latest attempt in a long line of dissilusioned creatures who believe God is not needed because the world has them.

    God created man is His own image, then Man created God in his own image. Man’s perception of reality is so distorted that he has seperated himself from the rest of existance. he is a clueless child spoilt rotten to the core. So self-sentered that he cannot recognize his place in the Universe. Man is but one possible outcome that did not have to be. The potential for man to exist, and it was for all of creation, was present before the Big Bang, or it would have been an impossible for man ever to walk thr Earth. The universe is a living, creating, evolving life force that is embarking on an endless process of discovery in an existance infinite potential and possible outcomes.

    Unfortunately, Man’s ego cannot accept his place and therefore develops theories out of fear that bypass reality and go onto to absolute nonesense.

    The potential for man to exist, build a rocket ship and fly to the moon was not only present in man, but was always present as a possibilble outcome throughout time. The potential for man to build a rocket lies in the creative mind of man. The potential for man, or any species to exist also lies within the mind of a creator. But this creator is not ‘over there’, the creator is here – a part of us. Seperation is only an illusion. We are all MIND and evolving and creating and exploring all possible outcomes. What we are and what we do is what God is. Gid is not up in the sky. That line of thinking is laughable. Our understanding of God is primitive and childish at best.

    Richard dawkins is a simpleton who takes on arguments that prove and resolve nothing. He slugs it out in the gutter with other dellusional people and accomplishes nothing. He is given far more credit than he deserves.

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