Republicans Find New Enemy

Always on the lookout for enemies (real or imagined), the Republican party has finally decided that the real impediment to their plans for American dominionism are not the evil Muslims after all!

Recent polling done by a bevy of rightwing pollsters indicates that Grandma and Grandpa are the real threat to the aims of the Republican party. Therefore, they must be dealt with accordingly.

As if taking a cue from the Scientologists, Grandma and Grandpa are now considered ‘fair game’, and as such, Republicans are in the process of treating these SP’s (suppressive person) with as much disdain and derision as any good Scientologist in a similar position.

They’ll loudly point out how useless these old farts are to our society (which Grandma and Grandpa built) and how we ought to make them carry their own weight and quit sucking out an existence on the backs of ‘honest’ hard-working folks like they imagine themselves to be.

Sometimes they disguise themselves as defenders of the poor and meek, but always in the cloak of a free enterprise solution. There’s no need for the public to fund old people on end-of-life issues. Not when the private sector has already implemented de facto death panels of their own! Just look at the millions of old folks facing insurmountable free-market health care costs who are forced to do without medicines in lieu of bread. The free market solution will work it’s magic on them soon enough without unnecessary government interference.

I fully expect the next line of Republican attacks on our seniors will require Grandma and Grandpa to provide an original US birth certificate to continue living in the country, or face immediate expulsion and confiscation of whatever meager possessions they might still be clinging to.


18 thoughts on “Republicans Find New Enemy

  1. The Republican attack isn’t on today’s seniors, who are voting for them, but on tomorrow’s seniors, workers 55 and younger who will be retiring in 10 years or more. Today’s seniors will be grandaddied in with their original benefits. So the message is, I’ve got mine, let those younger guys pay the price.

    • Actually, Snyder in Michigan IS targeting today’s seniors. He plans to pay for his corporate tax cuts by taxing pensions, health care benefits, and taking over school systems. So much for small government and the Obama death panels. Who knew that Palin and the chants against the President were a convenient distraction so the real evil could go undetected until they were in office?

      • Thank you for straightening the record on that matter, because I’d frankly be shocked if there were any class of poor, elderly or disabled that the Republicans weren’t trying to steal from.

  2. Even with the downturn in the economy, if we had been allowed to keep the money that is paid into Social Security and Medicare (12.4% of our income, twice the 6.2% that is deducted from our paychecks) over the years instead of running it through Washington D.C. we would be in much, much better financial shape upon retirement when we retire than we are going to be with Social Security.

    Keep in mind, the Social Security “trust fund” has been spent by Congress as part of the general budget. All of the money that is supposedly waiting for us when we retire has already been spent. Yes, there are IOU’s where the politicians promised to repay that money, but how many politicians of either party are honest and tell the truth regularly?

    • Your argument would make perfect sense were it not for the unassailable fact that the vast majority of people would, though incompetence, ignorance, lack of foresight, or a myriad of other human defects, end up old and destitute. This might not bother you, but I’m willing to stick to a system that at least attempts to keep me from a situation where I’ve got to step over homeless seniors and be molested by throngs of starving people begging me for assistance. No sir. I prefer the America I grew up with to the India I am fully aware of. You’ll get little sympathy or agreement from me on your boilerplate Republican talking points.

    • Tim,

      Had the government NOT dipped into SS, it would be just fine. Had anyone in DC real cajones, we would be raising taxes on the wealthy to Reagan levels, and none of this would be an issue. Had the GOP any morals, Walker and Snyder would not be trying to become fascist Hitlers in their states, and the GOP would be creating the jobs they promised instead of killing the middle class.

      • So the solution is to cut spending (military industrial complex anyone???) or increase taxes on the rich. Neither solution requires messing with social security.

  3. Funny thing about that painting, Grant Wood used his sister Nan as one model and his dentist as the other. When it won an award and became well known:

    “Nan, apparently embarrassed at being depicted as the wife of someone twice her age, began telling people that the painting was of a man and his daughter,[2] which Grant seems to confirm in a letter written by him to a Mrs. Nellie Sudduth in 1941.[6]”

    I always heard that it was of a farmer and his daughter, not a husband and wife as one would assume. This seems correct, strictly speaking, going by the above, but that just makes it a better illustration of your first poster’s point here about generations.

  4. This country is broke! If the U.S. of A. was person like all of us it would have had to file for bankruptcy a long time ago.

    >>>So the solution is to cut spending (military industrial complex anyone???) or increase taxes on the rich. Neither solution requires messing with social security.

    Yes cutting the military budget, some, should be on the table. Nothing should be off the table when it comes to budget cuts, there is lots of waste in the government and we need to find every last penny of it.

    Increase the taxes on the rich? Why on earth should the so called "rich", which by the democrats definition is $250k, be forced to pay more so others can choose to work less or make poor financial choices? Oh, $250k does allow you to live nicely it in no way makes you really rich…

    The people in this country believe in "Me, Me, Me"! Look at Japan and what they are going through now, yet no one is looting, people wait calmly in line… Well we have our own disaster and its called the federal deficit and debt. Its time for all of us to stop thinking like "Me, Me, Me" and instead realize that we ALL need to make sacrifices and cuts if we want this country to stay great and be a place that we want to live.

      • Right… Its that sort of thought process that has caused us to get into the situation that we are currently in.

        Just watch this page for a min and tell me the country isn’t broke and isn’t getting more broke each day –

    • Oh for Christ’s sake, Chris, why to you say that hysterical bed-wedding shit? The country is not broke. It’s actually the richest country in the history of the world.

      “Me, me, me” is the song of the relatively well-off people who resent the idea of paying taxes at all. Whine, whine, whine. They act lie a small tax increase is the death penalty, or killing puppies and kitties, or murdering small children. But it’s just a small tax increase, raising taxes back to where they were few years ago.

      What a fucking useless moron you are. You seem demented. People like you are determined to ruin this country, and probably you’ll succeed. I really regret that I live in the same world as you and your mean-minded, idiotic friends.

      • Really John? How can a country that is $14,228,689,253,441.70 in debt not be broke? We spend more then we bring in, hence why we are also running a deficit. Now don’t confuse the two the National Debt and the deficit aren’t the same thing.

        “Me, me, me” is the song of the well-off? Its actually the song of the vast majority of this country, both rich and poor. I can show you example after example of both.

        A tax increase isn’t a death penalty but our government has proven that they don’t know how to handle OUR money. If you keep feeding the beast that overspends it will continue to overspend. Also I believe that some level of tax increase coupled with a spending decrease is going to be needed if we ever wish to not only eliminate our current deficit but if we want to eventually pay down the debt. Because its either we pay it down or someday someone is gonna come knocking and expect us to pay up.

        You last paragraph is a complete waste of everyones time and does nothing to help your side of the argument. Oh, and its not people like me wanting to ruin the country, the country is already ruined.

        Your absolutely right I’m mean minded and my friends are idiotic. Thats why I work for near nothing to save the lives of people like you, because I’m mean-minded and idiotic.

        See, in the real world when people have discussions they try and be nice and speak on their points and show support for what they are saying. I don’t claim to know everything and conversation is one way you can learn things, but obviously you know the answers or wait… Maybe you don’t know the answer and the only way you can argue is to lash out, because you have no facts to back up your claims.

      • Being Greedy and being mean spirited are two different animals altogether, although the Venn diagrams of Republicans, Greedy Bastards, and Mean Spirited Assholes do have an amazing degree of overlap.

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