We’ll Have Manhatten

At least until Obama gives the place back to the Indians. LOL at the abject idiocy of the rightwing nutjobs. Here’s a bit from Pandagon that I found enjoyable:

Of course, the wingnuts making this claim seem to be a little hazy on the particulars of how “giving back” Manhattan would work. For instance, Eugene Koprowski at WorldNetDaily says that Obama is an honorary member of the Crow nation, and that’s why he wants to give Manhattan back to….well, presumably the Lenape who actually made the original sale of the island. But my favorite part of his attack is the way that he tries to use a rather mundane ceremonial honor bestowed upon Obama to imply that he’s actually Crow. In other words, in order to advance the “Obama isn’t a Real American” narrative, they’re saying he’s a Native American, which makes him, by my estimation, more American than any ball-scratching white boy who can’t wait for Glenn Beck’s show to come on TV.

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