Mail Online’s Creepy Stalking of Julian Assange EXPOSED!!

As it turns out, Julian Assange has quite a way with the ladies.  Who would have known?  Anyway, in the never ending attempt at shooting the messenger, UK’s Mail Online has posted some personal emails written by Assange to an ADULT teenage girl he had a brief romantic interlude (kiss) with and was trying to continue/advance:

The only thing BIZARRE is the Mail Online’s characterization of a poetic exchange penned by a lovesick admirer.  I’m guessing about ninety percent of the female population wished their boyfriends had a similar BIZARRE fondness for poetic expression.

What I find truly BIZARRE and extremely CREEPY is the lack of focus on criminals who have admittedly abused children.  For example, Bush’s request for, and Yoo’s approval of, the torture of toddler’s testicles in front of their Iraqi parents (to force confessions on the whereabouts of Bush’s fantasy WMD’s no less!!).  Bush has written that he was proud of his decisions and would do the same again.

Keep Julian Free.  Incarcerate the War Criminals.



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