The Fine Art of Ineffective Lying

DON’T WATCH THIS VIDEO. It’s only offered as a visual placeholder for this post (and demonstrative proof of the claims made below). I already threw myself on top of the grenade that is this speech by Sarah, to save the rest of you the pain and suffering. You can thank me by pointing more people this direction. LOL.

It’s is common knowledge at this advanced point in the blogospherian news cycle, that Sarah Palin has ‘birth certificate’ issues dwarfing the charade Murdoch (Sarah’s employer btw) concocted against Obama.

Sarah has not been as forthright in providing the documentation Obama provided. That has not stopped her from claiming to have done so. Much more prominent bloggers than myself (h/t Andrew Sullivan) have done the public a great service in noting the glaring inconsistencies, omissions and distortions in many of Sarah’s statements regarding her pregnancy. The heavily trafficked website Palingates exists for the sole purpose of collating, analyzing and commenting on the issue of Sarah’s inconsistencies, the majority of which are ignored by the gatekeepers of mainstream media.    Palingates, like Wikileaks, is hosted in Europe, and is run by a German lawyer with a keen eye for spotting fascist charlatans.

Sarah is well aware of the existence of the whispers from the woods (lowly bloggers in AK), as well as those of more prominent acclaim. She knows many people are watching her closely because it’s a documented fact that she has not produced Trig’s birth certificate. She was a powerful small town mayor who claims to have had a child in the local hospital in Palmer AK (8 miles from Wasilla), yet no local doctor has ever appeared to support her claim. Fairly odd for a woman as prominent and powerful as her that she couldn’t cover that omission in hindsight. Perhaps perjury comes easier to a politician than a medical practitioner? No mention of Trig’s birth was ever noted by the hospital in Palmer. The following information was provided by Palin’s own staff:

Trig is supposedly born

Armed with the information offered above, you won’t be shocked to hear that Sarah goes out of her way in the posted video (of her recent speech in Waco TX) to backhand the ‘conspiracy theories’ born of ‘internet bloggers’ regarding the birth of her son Trig. She goes on to give a few choice details about her ‘pregnancy’ that no connoisseur of Sarah’s car wreck should pass up. At one point she throws a big compliment out to her staff for not making fun of her weight gain during pregnancy. The fact: They were all shocked to find out that she was even pregnant (at SEVEN MONTHS) because they honestly hadn’t noticed!!

But let’s toss that off as a minor quibble. Chalk it up to poetic political license if you will. In the final analysis, all the Sarah apologists in the world will never erase my memory of Sarah, in her own words (just shy of the seventeen minute mark in the posted video), commenting on how she had the baby Trig in Anchorage. She can’t even keep the story straight on the birth of her own son??!! For crying out loud, wasn’t there enough room on her hand to scribble the name of the town she had concocted for his birth? Do other women have a particularly hard time remembering where they give birth?  A more sinister mind might even go so far as speculating that Anchorage might be the true location of Trig’s birth and her good-time-girl daughter the actual mother!   Let me be the first to speculate that this might have been a Freudian slip of epic proportions by a certain Mama Grizzly.


3 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Ineffective Lying

  1. Jimminy Christmas! When Sarah gave her speech in Waco on 9-14-10, she said she announced her pregnancy at 7 months (3-5-08) and Trig came really early…
    “We make it home and I have the baby in Anchorage…
    Trig came so early, at 7 1/2 months, that people to this day, some of the haters they still say ‘that can’t be her child, she couldn’t have been, she was only pregnant two weeks’” (laughter from audience)

    Just 2 days later, she has revised her pregnancy version once AGAIN when she gave the 9-16-10 Louisville speech, revising the “two weeks” to “three weeks”

    She is all over the frickin’ map, can’t remember where she supposedly “had” him, what day or night she “had” him, and most remarkably that the one constant factor she had always used before was that she “had” him at 8 months/35 weeks/5 weeks early, which has NOW been changed to “Trig came really early, at 7 1/2 months.”

    Like the plague, she avoids using the words “gave birth”, she simply “had” him.

    Anyone who believes Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig has been “had”.

  2. Hey Tim! Yesterday I tried posted this to HP – but suddenly I was banned. Oh well, HP is a rag anyway.
    I just read your GREAT comments at Bob’s! Outstanding! Librit posted too.
    I hope you saw Gates new Update 5!
    This is gonna be GOOD!! WGE is on her way DOWN!!

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