Prettier than Palin

This  Christine O’Donnell chick is the bees knees.  Not only is she prettier than Sarah Palin, but she somehow exudes a level of stupidity that makes even Palin look collegiate by comparison.  What an amazingly cute idiot.  Too bad she doesn’t embrace the zeal against mental masturbation that she holds for the more physical expression thereof.  In the video she claims to be President of “The S.A.L.T”  (The Saviors Alliance for LimitingLifting the Truth).  I’m glad that she clarified her organizational acronym, or I’d have been left thinking it was The Simpletons Against Licentious Touching.


2 thoughts on “Prettier than Palin

  1. Thanks for that Tim. I don’t know what to think this morning after this win by Christine. I guess my BIG question is:

    “What’s The Matter With Delaware?”

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