Sarah Palin in Black

Angela McGlowan, candidate in Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District Republican Primary.  Know-nothing tea-bagger who wants to privatize social security.   She’s hell bent on “fulfilling Bush’s vision”, which, on the face of it, ought to be enough to let you know she is a know-nothing wanna be Black Sarah Palin.


5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin in Black

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  2. “Social Security” is a Ponzi Scheme Madoff would be envious of. At least Madoff never forced people to buy into his BS. I guess when the government steals money from people by telling them its “insurance” and then the benefits payout the first year, which can’t happen under anything but a Ponzi Scheme, people feel as if its better than a private individual doing the same thing. The only reason Social Security hasn’t busted already is because, unlike Madoff, the government can put a gun to your head and forcefully take your money. But hey, that’s how the government operates right? Who cares if its immoral?

    • Immoral? Letting old people die in poverty is immoral. Sounds like you’re mad that Madoff didn’t get hold of our social security accounts as well as all the money from his rich Jewish friends.


      • Yes, forcing somebody to give money in order to create morality is so moral. That completely negates the definition of morality. You can’t steal from somebody and give to somebody else and call it morality. You’re altruistic BS is so unfounded and lacking in economic grounding its rather disturbing. You don’t have the authority to decide what is moral and then enforce your will upon humanity. Why don’t we go at this way since you obviously didn’t get my last point: Are you saying you have the authoridy to rob me if your intentions are to give the money to charity? I would hope you would say no, but seeing as how you support SS, I guess you believe that is totally ok. Not to mention social security is bankrupt due to the fact that is the world’s largest Ponzi Scheme.

        If you don’t want old people to die in poverty how about start an organization that tries to prevent such a thing and work to create an sound economy that provides for prosperity and teaches people how to invest for their future health expenses instead of giving the government a gun in order to rob anybody you feel its necessary to. Let private charity and society deal with those who are in need through voluntary transactions. But no, we all have to give up our liberty so you can feel good at night that you have stole enough money today in order to fund a Ponzi Scheme that eventually will end in disaster for the children of people who are supposed to be responsible. I swear, people have no philosophic foundation for anything they do and they don’t think past step 1.

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