The Sad Little Ipad

An honest appraisal of the Apple Ipad from somebody who guessed the name correctly (see my previous post).

What they got right:  10 hour battery life.  Iwork software looks promising.

Dishonest criticisms: It won’t run Photoshop.  The bezel is too wide.  It costs too much.  There’s no stylus input.

Honest criticisms:  No camera.  No multitasking.  A crippled O/S tied to the App Store.  No SD card slot.  No USB port.  No support for Flash.  4:3 aspect ratio.

This is hardly the game changing piece of equipment that Steve Jobs thinks it is.  Since the prime use of this device will likely be living room surfing off home wifi, the lack of Flash support is really a deal breaker.  Not having a camera for Skype/Ichat support is so totally weak that I’m both shocked and disappointed.

I’m just not interested in the feature set of this product.  If this product had come out at $999 and included not only a camera, but also flash support and a decent O/S, it might be tempting.  Toss in an embedded pico LED projector and you’ve got something that would have set the world on fire.  I never thought I’d say this, but the Microsoft Courier tablet that I’ve seen on Youtube makes a mockery of the Ipad.

I still love my other Apple products (Itouch, mini, Imac), but I’m going to pass on the Ipad.  Perhaps Apple will surprise us with a truly useful tablet offering in the near future?


6 thoughts on “The Sad Little Ipad

  1. The i pad is actually utterly silly. I can’t see myself dropping $400 to $600 to get a machine which cannot accomplish half the things which my laptop computer can. I ordinarily like Apple, specifically the apple iphone. It is just seems a tad too much. I wish all of them well however I will not be buying one anytime in the near future.

    • Pretty much my thoughts as well. I bought one of the Asus netbooks when they first came out. Works pretty well, but I would prefer a touchscreen as well as something other than Linux. That said, my Asus has a cheap webcam as well as multiple USB ports, an SD port and a VGA out. If I were Steve Jobs I’d be ashamed to get up on stage and make all the proclamations about this iTurd that he did.

  2. Lots of of bloggers not really happy with this new iPad.There was too much hype over it and lots of people got turned off.Quite frankly, I actually see lots of the cool potential of this device. Third-party apps for making music, games, newspapers and magazines and FFS books, all sorts of awesome stuff, but IMHO they just didn’t really sell it properly (aside from the books). It smells kind of incomplete

  3. I dont know.Strange times.When the Professor and I were talking this weekend, I remarked, yet again, concerning how we tend to all got email addresses my junior year of school, that we tend to never used, because nobody had computers and you had to travel to the library to test your email. And they talked of some so much off time in the long run when everyone would have a full gig of memory and youd have each little bit of content you ever generated with you for perpetually and even then, youd never be ready to use a whole gig.

  4. I’m about half a year into ownership of my iPad Mini. It’s the iteration of the iPad that finally addressed enough of my concerns that I decided to get one. Build quality, size and battery life are spot on. It’s still iOS and you’re still tied to the app store, but since the launch of the original iPad, the app store has exploded into a market of solutions for nearly every problem you can imagine and some you would never have thought of yourself. The processor in the iPad Mini is able to handle a much broader range of tasks than in the original iPad. There are dual cameras (as there should have been from the start..). There’s still no flash support, but the web seems to have moved away from flash, (at least those outside of the Farmville community). Probably the nicest bit of “kit” I’ve ever owned in my life. Enjoy.

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