What if Kerry Chose Jesus?: “The purpose of this parody is to emphasize the fact that the media is ripping John Edwards apart after giving Dick Cheney a free pass for three and a half years. Cheney, arguably the most corrupt and vile individual to ever hold office in this county has enjoyed complete immunity from criticism and investigation by the media. It took exactly one day for the media to focus more negative attention on John Edwards than they had focused on Dick Cheney in 4 years. The entire first day of his nomination was spent on defaming trial lawyers as some sort of criminal element in our society, and of repeating the suggestion that Edwards comes to the job with a weak resume for leading the nation. They never, ever, anywhere in the corporate media acknowledge that George Bush was head of a state in which the role of governor is limited and relatively weak when compared to that of the lieutenant governor. Anyone who understands politics knows that being the governor of Texas did not prepare George Bush for anything other than improving his golf game. But why tell that to the public, when you can knock Edwards in the process?”

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