The Rude Pundit: “Better then to avert one’s gaze from Big Tony and over to Uncle Tom. Once again, proving that no Negro is as loyal as a house Negro (see Condi, Colin, etc.), Clarence Thomas, in the lone vote against the majority opinion, does what so many slaves have done for time immemorial: he embraces the way of his master. His dissent is a frightening look at the abiding deference to power that is the hallmark of the servant beaten down to believe that he has no opinions of his own or, to put it simply, he is not worthy: ‘The plurality utterly fails to account for the Government’s compelling interests and for our own institutional inability to weigh competing concerns correctly.’ As for the reasons behind the executive’s decision to name Hamdi an ‘enemy combatant,’ Thomas opines, ‘We lack the capacity and responsibility to second-guess this determination.’ Massa’s always right, as Thomas bows and scrapes, ‘Undeniably, Hamdi has been deprived of a serious interest, one actually protected by the Due Process Clause. Against this, however, is the Government’s overriding interest in protecting the Nation”


How far out of the ‘norm’ do you have to be to think the President ought to have unlimited powers with no oversight? As far as Uncle Tom I guess.

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