Church & State, A lunatic Christian cult has the run of the White House and the ear of the president. What do they want? The end of the world. Be afraid., by Neal Pollack (06/10/04): “Even Ronald Reagan, that holy-rollerist of presidents, didn’t give apocalyptic Christians weekly telephone briefings on White House policy. It’s almost impossible for Kofi Annan to get a meeting with the president, but Robert G. Upton, of the United Pentecostal Church, can say, as he did a couple of weeks ago in that house organ of fundamentalism, the Village Voice, ‘We’re in constant contact with the White House.’ ”


Imagine what the makeup of our foreign policy would look like had Bush been a Scientologist? Folks, it’s the CRAZY TONGUE SPEAKING PENTACOSTALS who are pulling this president’s strings!

Pity the other denominations if they don’t stand up to this obvious breach of church/state separation. Pity us all.


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