Democratic Talk Radio: Democratic Voices Column: Impeaching Unstable Presidents?: “We are not talking the partisan frame-up of the Clinton impeachment era. We are talking about serious crimes and possible violations of the US Constitution that threaten the way the nation conducts our national business. These writers have been hearing behind the scenes rumbling about ticking time bombs that could bring down Bush before or (like Nixon) just after the Presidential elections.

The spending of 700 million dollars of federal tax dollars on an Iraqi invasion before Congress authorized it and supposedly before the decision was made by Bush is impeachable. There are credible reports that Bush knew about the plans to out the CIA agent wife of Ambassador Wilson and that Bush did nothing to stop it. This is certainly impeachable if true and likely criminal. Jail time for Bush would certainly not be unreasonable. We are at WAR!

Enron’s involvement in the California Energy Crisis has just been confirmed. Enron?s ties to Bush are beyond doubt. The actions of the Bush Administration during this crisis should be investigated by a Special Prosecutor. Billions of dollars were stolen from taxpayers, consumers and businesses in California. Enron is the single largest supplier of campaign cash for the Bush Republican Political Machine ever! “

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