Earth First activists win case / FBI, cops must pay $4.4 million for actions after car bombing Of the $2.9 million in damages for Bari’s estate, $1.3 million is punitive and $1.6 million is compensatory. Bari died of cancer in 1997.

The jury said Cherney should receive $550,000 in punitive damages and $950, 000 in compensatory damages.

An ecstatic Cherney said, “The American public needs to understand that the FBI can’t be trusted. Ten jurors got a good, hard look at the FBI and they didn’t like what they saw. It’s not about the money.”

Robert Bloom, an attorney for the activists, said the ruling “shows what the FBI did then, it shows America what the FBI does now.”

“This verdict is critical for everyone to understand how law enforcement works in this country,” he said. “This jury got a look at a new side of the FBI and saw their secrets. This jury told the truth.”

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