Yahoo! News – GEORGE W. BUSH, ATTEMPTED MURDERER “We had information,” an anonymous Pentagon (news – web sites) official told The New York Times’ Thomas Shanker, “that he was planning attacks on American and coalition forces, on the interim government and on [interim president Hamid] Karzai himself.”

You and I, faced with such information, might have had Hekmatyar picked up for questioning. We might put him and his pals on trial for conspiracy and, if he were found guilty, thrown in prison. But the guys in the White House aren’t like us. They’re gangsters. Gangsters are above the law. Gangsters don’t bother with judges and juries. They pay off judges; they have their enemies whacked.

And so your illegitimate gangster government, less than a month after it attempted to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Venezuela, sent up one of those unmanned Predator drone planes. Some dude punched a button on an iMac at an undisclosed location in the Virginia suburbs and fired a Hellfire missile at Hekmatyar’s car convoy on a road just outside Kabul. “I believe some others were killed in the strike, but the target escaped,” an unnamed U.S. official told Reuters. Hekmatyar’s spokesman and son-in-law Ghairat Baheer in Islamabad said: “He is in Afghanistan…but there was no attack.”

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