– BuzzFlash Media Watch Special Report: The Daily Show with Guest Michael Moore Jon then said that “In general, Dick Cheney is seen as the dark lord of energy” and uttered the word “Halliburton” which prompted Moore to state, “That one stinks even worse.”

Moore started on the Dick Cheney stonewalling situation. “It’s not the minutes of the meetings about screwing California. It’s the meetings about the oil pipeline they had with the Taliban…this was going on last August…”

Then Moore cited the New Yorker article which questioned “why George Bush allowed the private Saudi jet to fly to 5 American cities to pick up 20 bin Laden family members” while no one else could fly for 3 days and how the FBI was upset because they couldn’t interrogate any of them. Then, a week later, the New York Times reported on the Carlyle Group and the ties to the bin Laden’s and how they put up the money for Bush’s first company, Arbusto.”

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