Archbishop Paul Cordes, the German head of the Vatican’s agency for humanitarian aid, now tells us confidently and officially that “scriptural authority” says that illness is “the result of sin” and that people have a natural desire to be “healthy and good-looking.” Read that again. Yep, that’s what this intellectual dinosaur believes: one an absurdity and one an obvious fact. But immediately after the Monsignor issued this incredible statement, Father Georges Cottier, the Pope’s chief theologian, hastened to reassure those who were ill that they were not in fact “paying for their sins.” I don’t follow this line of thought, at all. But then, I’m not trained in devious reasoning. Apparently Cottier has it down pat.

“Man’s desire to be healthy, good-looking and strong is justified because it anticipates our future salvation. One cannot deny that death, of which illness is an anticipation, has always been seen as a consequence of sin,” Cordes said. Really? Damn, but I thought that heredity, bacteria and viruses could be brought in here, somewhere. And what’s this “One cannot deny” crap? I deny it, loudly and clearly! I don’t give a damn if Cordes is secure in the Gospel of St. John, which he quotes to validate his notion. I don’t know — no one knows — who wrote this “Gospel” material, though there might have been someone named John in there somewhere. And a guy named Casper, another named Pierre, and probably a couple …………..

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