Sneak Attack Lynn Paltrow, director of a group called National Advocates for Pregnant Women, believes much more than the threat to abortion rights is at stake. She described the Health and Human Services proposal as “cynical,” and said it helps divert attention from the administration’s failure to support a wide range of initiatives to improve the delivery of health care to women and children.

She added, “This maneuver to create insurance for unborn children both personifies the fetus and accentuates the fact that women themselves are neither full persons under the law, nor valued enough to be funded themselves.”

This rules change by Health and Human Services, which does not need Congressional approval, is both devious and dangerous. It exemplifies the administration’s right-wing allegiance, and its contempt for the poor.

There are more than 40 million Americans walking around without health insurance. About 11 million are children. If the administration wanted to do something about extending health benefits, it could start with some of them.

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