It’s the Enronomy, Stupid, by Walt Starr – Democratic Underground George W. Bush believes he can coin new words for the English language, so I thought I’d give my first shot at this practice with enronomy. Look at the beauty in the word. Enron is a perfect analogy for the current economic conditions in this nation. Previously number seven on the Forbes 500 list, and now bankrupt – compare it to the Clinton economy being taken over by Bush and run into the ground.

The entire idea of the enronomy runs deeper than any analogy, however. The complicity of the Bush administration in the happenings of Enron had detrimental effects on the enronomy (there’s that word again). Sixty billion dollars just disappearing from the enronomy must have a detrimental effect, and let’s face facts, there is no way that members of this administration didn’t know what was going on.


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