The Village Voice: Features: Assault on Liberty: Military Justice Is to Justice as Military Music Is to Music by Alan M. Dershowitz Assault on Liberty

by Alan M. Dershowitz

Military Justice Is to Justice as Military Music Is to Music

Long-term resident of the United States who President Bush believes may have aided a terrorist can now be tried in secret by a military commission and be sentenced to death on the basis of hearsay and rumor with no appeal to any civilian court, even the Supreme Court. This is the upshot of the “military order” issued by Bush on November 13, 2001. And that is not all. Noncitizens suspected of membership in Al Qaeda or of aiming “to cause injury to or adverse effects on the United States” can be rounded up and “detained at an appropriate location” for an indefinite time without access to the courts.


I’m taking a wait and see attitude toward these ‘extralegal’ wranglings being enacted by the Republican zealots. Let’s see how long before they abuse the powers they are arbitrarily giving themselves. I’m guessing it won’t be long.

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