Politics | The Chung and the restless The one thing you can say for Condit’s creepy behavior is that, perhaps, an attorney got him alone in a room early on and said he was in legal danger and talking about it might really get him in trouble. (His defenders on the talk shows make the point that there are a lot of innocent people in jail who spoke too much at the wrong time. The only problem with this argument is that none of them are U.S. congressmen.)

The contention that it’s just about a person’s private sex life, and beyond public purview, is wrong for a number of reasons. For the first, he’s already been caught. We all know what he was doing; it’s an insult to our intelligence for him to stonewall.

Second, he’s a family-values politician who’s supported sticking the Ten Commandments up in classrooms. And is there any better image of Christian hypocrisy than a Bible-waving pol shtupping at least two women not his wife?


It’s the hypocrisy, stupid!!

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