Dubya damn well knew the difference between people of color and white folks when he led Texas to its dubious distinction as the state with the most executions of prison inmates. The following exchange was witnessed by a tour group at the Governor’s Mansion and has been recounted by multiple sources, including Lucius Lomas of The Texas Observer. John M. Swamley, a professor of social ethics at St. Paul School of Theology and a writer for The Humanist, is the source of this version:
An aide abruptly appeared with papers he held out to then-Governor Dubya. “It’s the death warrants to sign, Governor. There are two executions scheduled for tonight.”
Absent-mindedly, the Governor took the offered pen. But in mid-signature he lifted his hand. He looked hard at his aide.
“They’re not white are they?”
The aide flashed a nervous smile. “Governor, would we do that to you?” he asked.
“It’s not a woman either, is it? I’m not executing any more damn women. That last one—I was getting telegrams from as far away as Bolivia,” Bush complained. “What the damn Bolivians or anyone else in Europe know about law and order in Texas I can’t imagine.”
The aide reassured him, “Both prisoners are male, Governor. One’s black and one’s Hispanic. Nothing out of the ordinary.”
Pacified, Bush nodded. “That’s okay then,” he said. In an instant the aide retrieved the signed warrants and was gone.
File this under stuff not reported in your local daily newspaper.

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