Technology What is IT?
It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen a hype-storm sweep across the Web like the one currently belonging to “Ginger” a new invention that supposedly will wow the entire world. Venture capitalist celebrity John Doerr is supposed to have invested millions, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is all a-twitter. But no one knows exactly what it is, besides an incredibly effective marketing campaign for an as-yet-unwritten book on the product.
Watching TV this morning the ABC news crew was speculating that the IT was Individual Transport. They showed the picture of a patent application that showed what appeared to be the unicycle equivalent of the Xooter (scooter). The illustration showed a man standing on a platform supported by one fat wheel of the variety you might see on the rear of a riding lawing mower. No mention was made of the inherently obvious balance problems associated with such a devise. It’s all still speculation at this point.

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